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Careers in Avaition | Best education consultant of assam

Ever wondered what flying high in skies would feel like. Ever thought of circumventing the entire globe, and that too as a profession. Flying high in the sky , helping people move up to their destination that too in style and speed.

If you dream of flying high then a career in aviation is for you. Let us take you through to the various career options available in the aviation  industry.Broadly a commercial aviation setup works in two modes. The flying branch and the non flying branch. Depending upon ones skill set and mood one can choose either of the branches. Flying and non flying branches both are equally demanding and rewarding.

For the flying branch Pilots and Air hostess are two profiles which are very sought after by candidates. For becoming a pilot one must be physically fit and has to undergo a stringent medical test. Which is quiet justified taking in to account the nature of the job.On successful passing of the medical examination one has to appear for PPT or pilot proficiency test or a similar test for ascertaining the flight aptitude of the candidate. Clearing both a basic license is issued after completion of a certain hours of flying. Post which you may go for higher commercial grading to fly with major aircraft operators. 

The second option in flying branch of commercial airlines profession is of air hostess. A highly venerated job signified by high levels of responsibility. The job requires both good looks and a sharp intellect. The job of an air hostess is demanding but at the same time it provides great rewards financially. We recommend the girls desirous of becoming an air hostess to first choose a proper grooming platform. We also recommend taking a counseling session with the best education consultant of your area before choosing the grooming institute, 
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Monday, 25 May 2015

Apply for MBBS In Karnatka

 Gleam group provides the best admission guidance for admissions in mbbs & other courses in health care sector. with the growing population the health care sector is bound to boom whether its in India or internationally. Getting the right skills needs you to be in the right college. Gleam group has researched and rated some of the best medical colleges in the country and provides full support and guidance for securing a seat in below mentioned colleges.

Please feel free to speak to our counselor for the same.
  • Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

  • Kasturba Medical College (KMC) was established in the year 1955. Its establishment is linked to the clinical provisions of the Government Wenlock Hospital and Government Lady Goschen Hospital. Today, KMC comes under the 25 top medical colleges in the country. The Degrees from KMC have a worldwide recognition and students from 45 countries have graduated.
  • St. John's Medical College, Bangalore
  • St. John's Medical College is a private medical college which was established in the year 1963 by the Catholic Bishop's Conference of India. Since its inception the college has grown to be listed under the leading medical colleges in India. The College offers medical courses at diploma, superspeciality, graduate, and postgraduate levels.
  • M.S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore
  • M.S Ramaiah Medical College was started in the year 1979 and today the College is ranked amongst the top medical colleges all over the globe. Located in the Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore, the College offers courses both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in all pre and para medical disciplines. The campus of M.S Ramaiah is housed in a sprawling spacious campus of 65 acres of land in Bangalore.
  • Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore
  • Established in the year 1980, Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) is one of the leading medical colleges in Bangalore and Karnataka. KIMS offers the MBBS Program and also postgraduate degree/diploma courses in different specializations. The campus of KIMS is located in two sections - VV Puram Campus and Banashankari Campus.
  • JSS Medical College, Mysore
  • JSS Medical College is a private medical college located in the Mysore City. The College was established in the year 1984-85 and today JSS Medical College is listed under the top 10 medical colleges in India offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree/diploma courses. The college attracts students from all over the globe. The campus of JSS Medical College is spread over 43 acres of land.
  • Jagadguru Jayadeva Murugarajendra Medical College ( JJM), Davangere
  • Jagadguru Jayadeva Murugarajendra Medical College (JJM) is one of the leading and premiere medical college in Karanataka. JJM Medical College was established in the year 1965 and imparts Allopathic Medical Education that leads to undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses. The campus of JJM is spread over 25 miles of area with all the modern infrastructural facilities to train the students.
  • AJ Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Mangalore
  • AJ Institute of Medical Sciences is a private medical college in Mangalore, Karnataka and an off shoot of AJ Hospital and Research Centre. The College was founded in the year 2002 and since then the College has been providing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various departments.
  • KLE Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum
  • KLE Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College (JNMC) is a medical college under KLE University located at Belgaum in the Karnataka State. Established in the year 1963, the college is ranked amongst the top twenty medical colleges in India. With an excellent infrastructure, the campus of JNMC is spread over 100 acres of land. JNMC offers graduate, postgraduate, diploma and superspeciality courses.
  • Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Bangalore
  • Promoted by Srinivasa Trust, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre was established in the year 2000. The College is located in Bangalore and is known as an independent medical college committed to impart excellent education in the field of medical sciences. The Institute offers undergraduate and postgraduate medical degrees.
  • S. Nijalingappa Medical College, Bagalkot
  • S. Nijalingappa Medical College is one of the top medical college in Bagalkot, Karnataka. The College is now known as the landmark of Bagalkot because of it magnificent campus over an area of 114 acres. The College offers undergraduate, postgraduate degree/diploma courses and also various other multispeciality courses.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Role of Education Consultant | | best education consultant of north east india

Why hire services of an education consultant ? This is a question which many ask, since every proper educational institute advertises and invests heavily in disseminating information about their respective offer. We believe in reading between the lines.

The youth specially from northeast is a very lucrative market for educational institutes across the nation.For acquiring volumes of students the colleges invest heavily in advertisements, promotional campaigns, focusing on many attributes shadowing the truth at times. Higher education is all about gaining the right skill sets and laying a solid foundation for professional life.

Higher education from a proper college will always produce a marketable product i.e. the student will be armed with the right skill set which would help in being productive in the work sphere. The matter of fact in present scenario is that most of the trained, certified young professionals coming out of colleges do not possess the right skill set to adjust in the job market, this creates a very compromising situation for the industry and the institute, and whats the point in making a mistake and then go on to rectify it.

Why not nip the problem in the bud. Why not ask someone who knows about the quality of the college before joining it.

Thats where the education consultant comes in to picture. An education consultant is the organization which relies on solid research for giving advice. Best education consultant is the person who would send the clients to the best institutes without any bias and prejudice , evaluting the factors and constrains laid down by the student/client.

For north east states we would recommed meeting us once if you are planning to go on for higher education courses.
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